Beyond Surfing

There is plenty of things to do at Chicama for non-surfers. At the hotel you can disconnect yourself from the routine in our lovely infinity pool overlooking the bay, or through a gym session, a relaxing bath in our Jacuzzis, a spiritual cleansing in our saunas, an exquisite dining experience or an exotic beverage enjoyed while viewing one of the most amazing sunsets.

There are also many cultural Pre-Inca attractions near the hotel. We arrange transportation to each and every one of them.

Also, learn more about the wonderful Pre-Inca places around Chicama:

Surf Classes

In Chicama you will find the longest wave on earth, and that makes it a unique place to learn to surf. We will give you all the equipment you need, from the surfboard to the wetsuit. In addition you will have a dedicated instructor for you.

Trujillo city

Capital city of La Libertad, it is known for its typical dance: The Marinera, and for its delicious dishes. It is located an hour from the hotel.

Huaca del brujo

Home to the Madame of Cao, the tattooed mummy that ruled the Moches, located only 45 minutes from Chicama.

Chan chan

Impressive mud citadel, second biggest in the world, located an hour and fifteen minutes hours from Chicama.

The huaca of the sun and the moon

Colorful mud temple that hosts one of the most important interpretations of all archaeological sites in the country, located one and a half hours from Chicama.