The Crew

Travelling to a foreign country and enjoying its waves to the fullest can be tricky. Not knowing where the best waves break, what direction swells take or how to avoid problems with local surfers are some of the questions travelling surfers ask themselves.

At Chicama Boutique Hotel & Spa we have a specialized team with years of experience, knowledgeable of local waves and conditions. They will help make your “Chicama experience” an unforgettable one.

Miguel Vegas

Chicama Boutique Hotel & Spa´s General Manager. He´s been surfing for His entire life, won a National Championship in 1995 and still surfs religiously. He visited Chicama for the first time 25 years ago and fell in love with the place. You won´t always find him at the hotel, but you can reach him via email with questions about swells or any other questions you might have regarding your future visit to Chicama.

Ralph Mejía

Ralph Mejía is our Resident Manager, in charge of the wellbeing of Chicama Boutique Hotel operation. He is a local from Trujillo and expert in Costumer Service. Though he is not a Surfer he has acquired knowledge of the ocean due to his passion for fishing. Always ready to help any guest on any request willing to provide all guests with the best service and experience.

Delmar Correa

He is the hotel´s Surf Area Chief. Delmar is trained in rescue and zodiac operation in beaches with big waves. He is one of Chicama´s best surfers and a re-known local.