The Wave

Chicama, located in Puerto Malabrigo in the central coast of Peru, is known to be the longest surfeable wave on Earth. This surfing jewel offers a 2.2 k.m. ride with nice barrels and long walls for high-performance maneuvers. A ride so long that you can surf a single wave for over 2:30 minutes.

The legendary wave

Learn what is behind this legendary wave. Take a quick look on the history and the mystical tales that are tied to Chicama and this special place in Northern Perú.

Pete Mendia at Chicama

Take a look at Pete Mendia surfing the longest left in the world. Boards explained for everything from 2 foot to overhead.

Mark Occhilupo & Sterling Spencer at Chicama

Mark Occhilupo and Sterling Spencer have also been to Chicama. See them at the Billabong’s ‘Surf With A Pro’ Surf Camp in Chicama.

34 Maneuvres in a single wave

Look at Cristobal de Col, the Junior World Champion at the World Surfing Games, perform 34 maneuvers in Chicama during the Red Bull Challenge Chicama.

Aussie Legends in Chicama

Tag along with Aussie legends Dayyan Neave, Owen Wright, Mitty Wilko and Jarrod Howse as they show you the magic wave of Chicama.

The wave divides in Six Sections, named: El Cape, El Point, Las dos Tetas, El Hotel, El Hombre, El Malecón.

El Cape

This is where the wave starts. Usually breaks good during summer, between December and March, when North SWELLS hit the area constantly. There is always something to surf in this section.

El Point

This is where the long 2.2 Km ride starts. It breaks in front of a rock formation, but on a sandy bottom. Easy take off and with low tide it delivers nice perfect barrels. A good speed section.

Las Dos Tetas

This is the second section where all turns really long. The wall extends for over 10 to 15 feet while you are pulling turns. You might think it will close out, but then it always opens.

El Hotel

Located in front of the Chicama Boutique Hotel & Spa, it is the fastest section. You must use all your strength to speed up. Most people just go fast without pulling any turn.

El Hombre

If you reach this section your legs should be destroyed by now, but use your energy reserve as this section provides the best barrels (Especially during big SSW SWELLS).

El Malecón

At this point you will have been in the same wave for over 2:30 minutes, for sure the longest wave you have ever ridden. This section also provides nice barrels and long walls for high-performance maneuvers. You should end just before the Pier, or you will not be able to tell your friends about this wave.


From January to February: best conditions with WNW SWELLS. During this time of the Year the Cape is the section you´ll mainly be surfing. Though some sporadic perfect SW SWELL can hit the area.

From March until November: This is the time of the year you should look for as at least two swells hit Chicama Every week, though March and October provide the best and cleanest conditions. Huge SW and SSW swells hit the area and provide lifetime experiences for surfers around the globe.

Best Conditions to Surf Chicama:

Every SWELL with the following conditions:

  • SW 210° + / 4ft + / 14 SEC+
  • SSW 197° + / 8ft + / 14 SEC+
  • WNW 300°+ / 2ft + / 15 SEC+

Very close to Chicama there are other great surf spots, and we provide transfer service to them. Go to Surfing Around to see more.